Serice St. Vie

Office Manager

+44 (0)20 7487 0078 (UK Office)

Serice joined us recently to support the ever growing administrative demands of our fast-paced business. She has hit the ground running, fine-tuning and improving our systems whilst ensuring that we are data protection compliant. With a knack for encouraging people to do things… her nickname is ‘The Enforcer’, her positive outlook makes Serice great fun to work with. She previously worked in private healthcare giving her valuable insight into Clinical and Non-Clinical areas. A 1st Class Honours degree in Forensic Science means she’s equipped to understand the needs of our clients business and the importance of building a strong team. ‘Working at AggioSergeant is so entertaining! There are very few work environments where you get to engage with some of the most exciting, intellectual and driven people in the world with a common goal of improving healthcare. It’s truly stimulating knowing that we can help them’. When not whipping us into shape Serice is busy making cakes and cooking up a storm – her family have ‘outsourced’ the catering to her!

AKA: The Enforcer

Serice is no Dirty Harry, but gets the job done very effectively!