Kari Kemp

Global Vice President

+44 (0)7738 550 970 (UK Mobile)+44 (0)7393 838 906 (UK Mobile)+44 (0)20 7487 0078 (UK Office)

Kari has been recruiting for the Life Science industries since 1997, and is known for placing Chief Medical Officers, Chief Business Officers, and Chief Development Officers. Her objective is always to provide the best candidate in the world for our clients, however, she doesn’t do unicorns and white ravens. What does she like to see in candidates? Emotionally mature candidates with good preparation and follow-up skills. Throughout the global Life Sciences industry, Kari is known as a thorough, supportive, empathetic, and an exhaustive interviewer. Her philosophy is that “a good headhunter is so diligent they are only one step away from a restraining order.” Away from work, Kari enjoys entertaining her family; anything Leonardo Da Vinci; and preparing for her first grandchild.